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Vaccination against rabies adverse reaction

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My dog died ( 7 years old Yorkshire Terrier) 3 days after DR. A. K. Do, Germany, had vaccinated him against rabies.

I went to the German vet  Dr.A. K. because my dog had suffered for pancreatitis to ask for medications. Dr.A. K. said that my dog has no vaccination agains rabies and is must be vaccinated, I told him that he had been vaccinated but that is a new 2 years old passport and told him to contact to my dog's vet to ask for details. But he insisted that my dog must be vaccinated against rabies anyway I agreed because I didn't know that it can lead to my dog's death. On the way back home 30 min after vaccination my dog got weak and started to walk really slow, I ignored it because the vet told me that my dog can feel a bit sick after it but it's ok so I had to nothing worry about. In the evening the same day my dog started vomiting and did'd eat and drink the next day all the symptoms occurred : Fever, Tenderness, Hives, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Lack of appetite, Muscle weakness (he couldn't walk), Death.

I took him to a different  vet at  Do.  but it was to late even they told me that my dog is too old for that vaccination and that   Dr.A. K. should have checked my dog antibodies first because he knew that my dog has pancreatitis. Why vets in the Netherlands have more concern about animals than in Germany?  I can’t get my dog back anyway. But please safe the other animals from procedures of that veterinarian. The vet also didn't want to report adverse vaccine reaction ( tollwut enduracell T number 17014). Please help me to inform the right institution about adverse reaction of that vaccine before it harms the other animal. 


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I can‘t really help you as I don‘t know which is the right institution you have to inform.

But I wanna tell you that I‘m very sorry for you and your dog. I hope he doesn‘t suffer on the place he is now anymore.

My dog passed away way to early in december so I feel your pain, life is not fair. 

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